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"Be his escape, not his jail:" Successfully Transitioning From Side Chick To Wife: Part 6 "Tighten Up"

This is Part six of a seven-part series aimed at helping women make the successful transition from side chick to main chick without causing the usual conflict that is associated with these situations. Follow these seven steps and in no time, you can go from destroying a home to creating one.

“Tighten Up”

              As you prepare to take your rightful place in the passenger seat of the marquis, there are still some things that must be done on your end to make sure you secure that top spot! Cannot go from the nosebleeds to the front seats without getting your house in order first. What good is getting the top spot if your kids are still misbehaving, if your side dishes are still not diversified, if your leave out is still compromised?? That’s exactly why you must “Tighten Up”! This step is all about strengthening your weaknesses so that you can be everything is current queen is not! Take time during this step to improve your side dishes, bundle selection, jaw strength, legging collection, and whatever else you feel is not a strength. Look up some recipes, leave hair town, do some jaw-ups, or visit your neighborhood charlotte russe! Just make sure that whatever you do, you are doing something to increase your chances of going from the sideline to primetime because if you skip this step, on the sideline is where you’ll be left!


"Be his escape, not his jail:" Successfully transitioning from Side Check to Wife: Part 5 (His Wife Is you Friend, Not your Enemy)

This is Part five of a seven-part series aimed at helping women make the successful transition from side chick to main chick without causing the usual conflict that is associated with these situations. Follow these seven steps and in no time, you can go from destroying a home to creating one.

“His Wife is your friend, not your enemy”

              Keep your friends close and you enemies closer, and in this case the enemy is his wife! I know, I know, it sounds crazy, but if executed properly it will work to perfection! While you may think you and his wife are at odds, y’all really share the same goal, which is making your man happy! I’m not saying become besties or even IG friends, I am talking working as one or being on the same page for the sake of the bigger picture, which is the happiness of your man. When he is happy, everyone involved is happy. No need to talk about or clown her questionable leave out, compromised side dishes or love of kitten heels because that does nothing for you in the grand scheme of things. Teamwork make the dreamwork! Robert Horry was not a star, but he was an integral part of many championship teams and you must decide who you want to be and where you want to end up! Would you rather have the stats or the rings? Would you rather be Charles Barkley or Robert Horry? The choice is yours, but if u decide to become part of the team, you must be a positive influence on his life, the rainbow after her storm, if you want to go from coach to first class! So, swallow your pride because a chick on the side that fails to oblige, will never rise!


"Top 10 Philly Songs of 2017" By @joeybaddaa

Top 10 Philly Songs of 2017 By @joeybaddaa


Had to do a top ten for the city after the year we had. Check out the list below and let us know some of your thoughts.


·       ButterKnife King x Black Boe- Holy Water


·       Beano French- Monday Morning


·       AYO- Back Up Off Me


·       Newz Huddle x I-Know Brasco- Where I’m From


·       Poundside Pop- O.S.S.


·       Ranshaw- I’m From Uptop


·       Mus Matos- Enough To Go Around


·       Jay Huff- Counted Out


·       Drama- Never Know


·       Suzann Christine- Save Me


Honorable Mention


Jus O- Memoirs Of A Prince


OnetakeDave x Mike Fellow- Free.99


Corey Lee- Why Not


Manny215- SNPGD


Aleana- S.O.S


"Top 10 Songs of 2017" By @joeybaddaa

“Top 10 Songs Of 2017” By @joeybaddaa

    What a year we had in music! From the Black excellence of Hov  to the beautiful vocals of Sabrina Claudio, 2017 was definitely one to remember! With so much good music out this year, coming up with my top 10 was no easy feat, but I was able to come up something! Check out my top ten list with some honorable mentions below!


Cyhi The Prince x Jagged Edge- Don’t Know Why

              My personal fave off one of the best albums of 2017(IMO), Cyhi floats on a soulful beat with a barrage of barz that you feel in your spirit. Add the legendary Jagged Edge and you got pure fire!

*Quotable Barz- “The only time you got the goosebumps was at a book drive/ Posing for my mugshot, make sure you get my good side”

Meek Mill- 1942 Flowz

              This that Meek we love to hear! Still talking that shit and deviant till the end on this one! Took me back to an easier time when the world was full of bootcuts and free size tees, but a hell of a bounce back for the hometown guy!

*Quotable Barz- “Told niggas who wrote it/ain’t taking back what I quoted”

H.E.R.- Every Kind Of Way

              This is “leave it in” music at its finest! If ya scrotum or ovaries don’t jump when H.E.R. vocals come on then you might need to check your vitals! A1 lyrics with a voice that softer than the fat on the back of Nicole Murphy’s ankles!

G Herbo- Street

Another one of my favorite albums of the year, G herbo’s “Humble Beast” was a pleasant surprise as he improved tremendously. The intro track of the album, Herbo sets the tone for the whole project with plenty gems!

*Quotable Barz-“Street niggas should always wanna be bigger/ You satisfied with thousands you a cheap nigga/ Satisfied off his guys, he a leech nigga/ Heard he set his goals off satisfaction, yea that’s me nigga/ If he satisfied with clothes and hoes, that’s a weak nigga”

Sonder- Feel

Another certified scrotum jumper! Once I got put onto Sonder, this group instantly became one of my favorite new acts to come out in 2017. I wanna do a whole heap of naked body rolls with my lady when this jawn come on and I think you will agree!

Niia x Jasmine Sullivan- Sidelines

Another R&B act with an overall great project! “Sidelines” is perhaps one of the best bitter side chick anthems that I have heard in some time! Throw in the young queen of distress Jasmine Sullivan and that makes this one certified heat!

Jay-Z- Marcy Me

My personal favorite off that “4:44” album because it gives me that vintage Hov feel with plenty of wordplay and metaphors that you might not catch on the first listen! Great overall project from top to bottom!

*Quotable Barz- “Marcy Me, streets is my artery/ vein of my existence, I’m the gotham city heartbeat”

SYD- Smile More

This jawn is so man smooth! I mean it’s so smooth that I was side eying any lesbian for like 5 months after SYD’s “Fin” project dropped. If tyou can listen to this whole song without ending up bucky naked doing the grown up dance then something might be wrong with you.

Mack Wilds- Obsession

One of the most underrated projects of the year for sure! This record has sexy and no pull out written all over it! Pure bean flicking music at its finest.

Daniel Caeser x H.E.R.- Best Part

Lawd have mercy, this track is so damn good! Meaningful lyrics and great chemistry make this one perfect for weddings at Yerkes or missionary with the one you love.

Honorable Mention

Sabrina Claudio- Unravel Me

Beano French- Monday Morning

Sammie- Tsunami

Chris Brown- Covered

Rick Ross- Santorini Greece

Tank- When We

Jhene Aiko- New Balance

2chainz- Riverdale Road

"Top 10 Philly Songs of 2017" By @Philthyphilly6


Top philly tracks @philthyphilly6 


Had to be fair and do a list exclusive to the city. Only fair because it is so much talent in the city and the music scene is getting better and better with every release it seems. 


Wezu Falcon - Lonely 



FoxxChasePaper - Run it up 


Bars, beat and the smooth hook. Foxx gives it up on this one. 


Hollowman - soul food remix 



Murrille - More Money more Problems



Flacko The Loner - Mitch 


Slept on!!! This jawn give you a similar feeling to Lucas. 


Chedda Bandz - Party


Chedda dropped a sneaky EP right after Foreign hit the streets. This track right here was tough. Lil different from his previous records so I liked this a lot. 


Drama - Fuck her friends 



Lil Nizzy - Hots


  Sometimes you just need to get ratchet and shoot ya air pistol and this is a track I do all that to. Nizzy got a solid flow and a catchy hook that you can turn up to. 


Plutodawg - disappoint you 



Ayo - Now Wait 


"Top 10 Songs of 2017" By @BourneFresh

Top ten songs 2017- OG EAZE (@bournefresh)


It's tough to narrow 2017 down to TEN songs. I did my best and still have 14. $MH but here we are...

10. Bodak Yellow - Cardi B

This Kodak Black inspired track was hands down song of the summer. The ladies really brought that energy from the summer until year's end with this track. Salute

9. Land of The Free - Joey Bada$$

8. Ayo Jay - Your Number/ Ed Sheerdan - Shape of You

Gotta sneak in some eclectic club bangers.

7. 1942 Flows - Meek Mill

This was the first track that stood out to me off Wins & Losses. This song is great. Every time I have turned on Philly radio I hear it and I have no problem with that.


It's tough to choose one song, but these three songs in succession was just phenomenal.


Another package deal. I have yet to hear these songs in the club or the radio and they aren't played back to back.

4. 4 AM - 2 Chainz f/ Travis Scott

I didn't have a slot for Titty Boi & Trav separately so I had to get them here via a track they were both on. Butterfly Effect is still rolling, but this banger off PGLTM was great

3. Magnolia - Playboy Carti

Young Carti killed this, *WokeUpLikeThis f/ Uzi is fire too.

2. Crew (remix) - GoldLink, Gucci Mane, Shy Glizzy, Brent Faiyaz

1. XO Tour Life - Lil Uzi Vert

Honorable Mentions:

Pull Up Wit a Stick -SahBabii

Mask Off- Future

Good Drank 2.0 – 2 Chainz

Unforgettable- French Montana/SwaeLee/PNB Rock

Butterfly Effect – Travis Scott

Slippery/T-Shirt- MIgos

On My Mind – Jorja Smith

Everyday We Lit- YFN Lucci f/ PNB Rock

Wild Thoughts – DJ Khaled

Portland - Drake

Big Fish - Vince Staples

Kill Jill- Big Boi, Killer Mike, Jeezy

Rolex - Ayo & Teo

Bank account – 21 Savage

"Top 10 Songs of 2017" By. @_cdiddy

2nd Annual Nonsense Awards (Nominations)

It's about that time of year again! Logical Nonsense presents the 2nd annual Nonsense Awards. We recap some of the best music, moments, and nonsense of the year. Check the nominations below and tune in to hear the winners.

2nd Annual Nonsense Awards

·       RAP ALBUM OF THE YEAR                                                                                                                            

Migos – Culture

Meek Mill- Wins & Losses

Kendrick Lamar- DAMN

Jay-Z- 4:44

G Herbo- Humble Beast

2chainz- Pretty Girls Love Trap Music


·       Tri-State Album Of The Year

Manny215- Grind Music

Corey Lee- A Shot in the Dark

Ayo- Night Shift

ButterKnife King- Trap Trap

Vars City- No Love In The City

Mir Fontaine- Camden


·       IG Model Of The Year

Bria Myles


Ravie Loso

Beauty NewNew

Sooo Raven


·       Ain’t Get Ya Bitch Back






·       Best Cellulite

Ravie Loso

Cierra Rogers

Amber Rose

Queen Latifah


·       BBW of the Year




Dj Akademiks


·       Best Edges



Bruno Mars

Ryan (Black Ink)

·       R&B Album Of The Year (National)

Daniel Ceaser- Freudian

H.E.R. - H.E.R.

Khelani- SweetSexySavage

Brent Faiyaz- Sonder Son

Sabrina Claudio- About Time

Chris Brown- Heartbreak On A Full Moon

SZA- Ctrl

Musiq Soulchild- Feel The Real

Mack Wilds- AfterHours

Niia- I


·       She Ain’t going nowhere Award


Kevin Hart

Young Thug

Ryan (Black Ink)


·       Rookie of the Year (Rap)

Trippie Redd

Lil Pump

Tee Grizzley

Money Bagg Yo

Tekashi 69


·       Song Of The Year (National)

Cardi B- Bodak Yellow

Goldlink- Crew

Lil Uzi- XO tour life

Playboy Carti- Magnolia

SZA- Weekend

Kendrick Lamar- DNA


·       Song Of The Year (Local)

Poundside Pop- O.S.S.

Tierra Whack- Mumbo Jumbo

Mir Fontaine- Frank Ocean

Corey Lee- Why Not

I-Know Brasco- Trap All Day

Ayo- Back up Off Me

Foxx- Run It Up


·       R&B Song Of The Year (National)

Daniel Ceaser x H.E.R.- Best Part

Chris Brown- Heartbreak On A Full Moon

Belong To Me- Sabrino Claudio

Weeknd- Die For You

SZA- Weekend


·       R&B Song Of The Year (Local)

Beano French- Monday Morning

Simba Amir- Tango

Aleana- S.O.S.

Mars Parker- Cloud 9

Moses Mosima- Majin Boo


·       Best Stroll on or Attempt

Chasers vs. Safaree

A Boogie/Pnb vs. Lil B

Chasers vs. Beans

Chasers vs. Rob Stone

Migos vs. Everyday Struggle

Rob Stone vs. XXX


·       Worst Wig/Lacefront/Hairstyle in a Theatrical Setting

Ashley (Black Ink)

Ryan (Black Ink)


Pam Oliver

Yung Joc


·       Viral Moment OF The Year

Wendy Williams fainting

Migos vs. Everyday struggle

Jim Jones on Flex

Chasers pull on Safaree

Tyrese crying


·       Glow’d Up Award

Karen Civil


Gucci Mnae

Cardi B



·       Most Improved

21 Savage

Kodak Black

G Herbo



·       Collab Of The Year (National)

Kodak Black x A boogie- Drowning

Meek Mill x Young Thug- We Ball

French Montana x Sway Lee- Unforgettable

SZA x Travis Scott- Love Galore


·       Collab Of The Year (Local)

Drama x Mir Fontaine- Hesitate

Simba Amir x Scottie Kash- Rude Boy

Newz Huddle x I-Know Brasco- Where I’m From

Chic Raw x Sha Money- The Rain

Chedda Bandz x Ayo- Floors


·       Philly MVP

Lihtz Kamara


Tierra Whack



·       IG Spiiter Of The Year




Greg Geez


"Top 10 Songs of 2017" By. @Philthyphilly6

@philthyphilly6’s  Top 10 Songs of 2017


   This is a list of my ten favorite tracks from this year. Kept my list more hip hop and auto tune singy/ rapping. It’s tough to pick just ten but I will say these are the tracks that I have spun the most this year... Gummo by 69 gets the honorable mention  had it came out earlier, it would be high on my list that’s my shit.


10: Nav (@beatsbynav) - up https://soundcloud.com/navmusic/up-prod-beatsbynav-x-metro-boomin

  I love rags to stunting rap. Nav got on my radar this year and he is also one of my favorites out of  the newer artists. Slick talk all over this one but the end of the hook talked to me. “Keep ya circle small be careful who you trust, they gon love you when you down not when you up”. 


9: Money Man (bcfmoneyman) - philly 


  Money man one of the new niggas I fucks wit. Meek shout out + philly references + trap talk = a winner for me. Added bonus for the swiper talk. When future not in his trap bag money man fills the void. 


8: Future (@1future) x Young Thug (youngthug)

All Da Smoke


   When Future be talking that talk he is damn near unmatched. He giving you that ghetto gospel but Thug, he goes ape shit wit the flow on this one. Sneaky bars on this track. This a great start ya morning off type of song for me. 


7: A boogie wit da hoodie (ArtistHBTL) - Macaroni


  Da hoodie rolled on this one from beginning to end. “Bitches that I hit up in the dm never hit me back, now they prolly all up in my dm I don’t get to check” was the line that had me. Cooked them heffas 


6: Tee Grizzly (@tee_grizzley) - Country 


  This track hard, lotta rappers don’t talk about jails and the system from the inside perspective. Beans, Styles but recently not so much. I likes this, personally liked this more than first day out. 


5: Migos (@migos) - T shirt


  I’m a Migos fan. Culture the album was tough. This track was the stand out to me. They swagged this jawn, all three of them. 17.5 same color t shirt! Nuff said.


4: Nba Youngbul (GGyoungboy) - graffiti 


  Wasn’t too sure about youngbul at first, heard this song on a Spotify playlist and have had it in rotation since. Pain, the auto tune give it a lil rnb bounce but this track is dope and made me tune in. I feel the struggle in this one man. 


3: Kodak Black (KodakBlack1K) feat. XXXtentacion - roll in peace


  Last year Kodak was featured on and or released a few of last years hits. Same goes this year. Roll in peace certified banger. Great hook good and good verses from xxx and kodak. A few memorable lines in this one for me. 


2: Meek Mill (MeekMill) - 1942 flows 


  Free Meek! 1942 flows was all that. A real ass track. Meek giving up them rags to stuntin bars that I like. The growth in this track was amazing. It’s not a club banger but shitttttt when I be out and this comes on the city starts vibing, singing along and rocking out. Great song off a really great album. 


1: Lil Uzi Vert (Liluzivert) - XO tour life 


  There was no song better than Xo Tour life this year. Gives you good vibes immediately. You can’t help but singing along to it. We all have dead friends cuz of him. Song of the year easy!

Time to argue about ther XXL Freshmen list again

  The XXL freshman list has dropped and you know what that means... Everyone online debating about how corny or trash they think the list is. I strongly disagree with the majority this year. This 2017 XXL freshman class is not full with lyrical assassins, your "traditional" style rappers or even too many backpack rappers. These new artists are not afraid to be who they really are, however weird or cool it may seem. That's why people are fucking with them and that's why they have so many fans.

    What I'm seeing from the XXL staff is a little consistency with how they selected these artists. All of them have had song, or songs that are in rotation on mainstream radio. Minus Kamiyah (because I don't know too much about her I'll be honest) I've heard all of these artists songs on the radio. Philly radio is horrible and only the same 5-6 songs get put in rotation everyday. Over the course of the year pretty sure you have all heard "Water" by Ugly God, you are probably tired of "iSpy" by Kyle already and if you not tired of that I'm definitely positive that you are tired of hearing "Skateboard P" by Madeintyo. You starting to get my drift. 

   Along side getting spins on the radio nationwide these guys are very viral as well. Check out the numbers for PNB Rocks smash hit "Selfish", 17 million viewers. A Boogie wit da Hoodie "Timeless" video 24 million views, and for those that say they don't know who Animé is well.... you're lying or you didn't know who the dude was that made "Caroline" regardless the music video was viewed 166 million times. 

I think stats mattered this year to the XXL staff. It seems to me they were looking at the numbers, influence artist has, radio play, popularity and amounts of views they get. Always an exception and that's XXXtentacion. Very small catalogue of work but he is easily the most talked about artist period these days. Playboi Carti has the song of the summer he gets in via the Panda/Hot Nigga rule (Having the hottest song out and being a new artist) 

Kap G rounds it up with the "He coulda made it last year" vote. I still listen to "Girlfriend" a lot, Kap G has some shit. 

     I'm not saying this list was perfect. They left off two people in particular maybe 3 idk how I feel about the Khalid dude. Song is huge but I think he's too new of an artist to make this years list. Next year he might be a lock. Moneybagg Yo and Tee Grizzley I feel similar about. I really like them both but still too new, they are both gettin sneaky spins on the radio too. They will be shoe-ins for 2018 along with Don Q and Nav. 6Lack and YFN Lucci were the biggest and most obvious snubs to me. YFN gave us Key To The Streets dammit! That was everybody song. We all sing that hook and do the ad libs when it comes on don't front. Not to mention his latest with PNB Rock idk how they looked over Lucci. 6Lack has the credentials as well, him not making it surprised me because of how much I hear his music and how much I see folks post and talk about him. Thought he was a lock, but the XXL staff ain't perfect and like I said earlier I think they did a pretty decent and fair job with this years Freshmen list. Will these artists stand the test of time? Who knows but in 2017 these are the hot new niggas on the block whether you like them or not they are around. 

"Be his escape, not his jail': Successfully transitioning from Side Chick to Wife: Part 4 (Respect HIS relationship)

This is Part four of a seven-part series aimed at helping women make the successful transition from side chick to main chick without causing the usual conflict that is associated with these situations. Follow these seven steps and in no time, you can go from destroying a home to creating one.

“Respect his Relationship”

              To quote the great motivational speaker Lavar Ball, “Stay in Yo lane”, and that is exactly what you must do in order to successfully transition from just a member on the team to the only bean he sees in his dreams.  You cannot respect yourself or your mcm if you do not respect the boundaries of his relationship. Know ya role and respect it! I believe it was a great group of young African-American women from the legendary tribe of TLC that once said, “Don’t go chasing waterfalls, just stick to the rivers and the lakes that you’re used to!”. In other words, don’t chase after his relationship, stick to ya role and scheduled time. If your day is Wednesday, then make that his best day of the week so he wants more days like Wednesday and watch how you progress. One day a week can turn into two days, which could turn into three days then next thing you know yall cosigning on a section 8 walkup in point breeze!!! Possibilities are endless if you just respect the relationship!


"Espn baby, what is you doing" By @PhilthyPhilly6

    Look I was happy as hell for Jemele Hill and Michael Smith when they got that 6 pm sports center time slot. I'm like ok espn y'all dig it, let's get some personality, some life and some culture up on this mother*+%¥r. They are at about the 4 month point now I think, and I'm a be honest I don't know how long they are going to last. It's not their fault at all it's espn's fault and I'm about to get all into it.

     If I wake up early enough I will turn on Tv One and watch my man Roland Martin for a few. After I get my fresh shot woke whiskey from Roland I inevitably scroll to espn. Whether I wake at 6am or 9am guess what? I'm gonna catch some of Mike and Mike in the morning. Those two are so perfect for when you are half sleep and are trying to get your sports recaps and scores. They are not highlight based so you can pretty much just listen to them and go about getting your day started. Damn shame that's about to end (Emoji eye side eye face). Next up is "First Take" which is now been reduced to two hours of Stephen A. screaming and Max giving his far left ideologies while dodging answers to very simple questions. This is where it goes downhill and makes it harder for my guys over at the 6 (SC6). First Take is filled with  almost all the same topics as Mike and Mike they just argue about them. When it was Stephen A and Skip together, I will be honest, I didn't mind it much. Now they get on my nerves. After them it's a sports center and once again the same 5 hot topics are all being discussed and covered. Sportscenter barely plays highlights anymore. It's all opinions and interview and they need to revert back to more highlights and less opinions. But as of now they don't and I'm Lebron James'd or Stephen Curry'd the hell out but the sports lover and the lack of anything else to watch during the daytime leaves me stuck here on espn.

    After 2pm it's a flurry of half hour shows that's coming on some sport specific like NFL insiders  but what do they follow up NFL insiders with...NFL Live the show where they talk about all of the exact same shit the crew of broadcasters just talked about for a half hour on the previous show. Really espn. Just make one of the shows an hour and cut out the foolishness please. The jump is cool but it's all the same basketball topics that were talked about on Mike and Mike, First Take and Sportscenter. 

     Sports nation and Highly Questionable are the bright spots of the day. Beads and Marcellus go heavy on opinions but they come with facts to support their arguments usually and they are very funny at times. Papi, Dan and Bomani are sports comedy. No one is funnier than Papi. The open dialogue and the fact they touch different aspects of some of the same sports topics is what I enjoy about both shows. They just like to bid and that's totally fine with me. The other shows should take notes because it's the personality they bring and the popular or unpopular opinions that they state that we agree or disagree with that makes the shows good. 

     Next is around the horn and PTI and I definitely still watch these two shows but they suffer from the same repetition as others. Their on air personalities don't have it in them to keep my attention for long and this is when I start to flick though the channels. I'm fatigued from all the Cavs vs Warriors talk, sick of hearing about Tom Brady and how they cheated today, and drained by how much negative energy they trying to put on Lavar Ball. So by the time my two favorite espn personalities come on air at 6pm I'm fucking done and I'll be honest. I've seen the one highlight 20 times, I heard what Westbrook said in the press conference 15 times. Like I said earlier it's not their fault. It's all espn's fault.

    So here comes the 6 (SC6) with the best two personalities on air in my own opinion and I can barely even make it through the hour. Changes need to be made to help our folks. Cut down first take to an hour until football season. The show is way better when they have retired players and vets on the show to debate. Credit that one to Joey. NFL insiders and NFL live have to become one show. Highly questionable should be an hour long as well. Around the horn could go, pardon the interruption could come on in the morning and be a semi replacement for Mike and Mike. Then, the 6 can move up about a hour or more and I think espn can go back to being more enjoyable for us sports fans. Just my thoughts, but I don't wanna see the two black hosts get canned because of espn not acknowledging the holes and their flaws in the daily lineup. 


"Be his escape, not his jail": Successfully Transitioning From Side Chick to Wife-Part 3: "Two Ears, One Mouth"

This is Part three of a seven-part series aimed at helping women make the successful transition from side chick to main chick without causing the usual conflict that is associated with these situations. Follow these seven steps and in no time, you can go from purgatory in the gauntlet to the one he’s flaunting!!

“Two ears, One mouth”

              As the great hoe philosopher Ronnie one said, “You got to use what you got to get what you want” and she was right.  God gave you two ears and one mouth for a reason! This means you need to be doing more listening than talking when you get your time. How can you expect to make that transition from something on the side to the one he shows off with pride if you are talking about the housewives of Potomac instead of listening to Taquee when he tells you about his SoundCloud page or how his wife is always accusing him of cheating and it’s hurting his self-esteem.  You must listen if you want to change your position. Failure to exercise proper active listening techniques could potentially slow down your transition to wife and have you stuck in the gauntlet for years, which is something you do not want. Below are a few tips/techniques to help with active listening.

·      Ask clarifying questions

·       Take Notes

·       Nod Head

·       Maintain Eye Contact


Utilize these techniques and watch how quickly you go from his little secret to the one he’s keeping!!!


"Be his escape, not his jail": Successfully Transitioning From Side Chick to Wife- Part 2: "Know ya Role"

This is Part Two of a seven-part series aimed at helping women make the successful transition from side chick to main chick without causing the usual conflict that is associated with these situations. Follow these seven steps and in no time, you can go from keeping quiet when he gets calls to dates at the bar!!


“Know Ya Role”

               In the words of the American icon, the rock, “know ya role”!! Yes, I know you feel you deserve to be the wife, but ask yourself, have you earned the right to be the wife. I know that’s hard to swallow, but it is necessary because this step may be the hardest of all the steps in the transitioning period because it directly hits on your pride, but you must realize that pride is poison in the garden of love and love cannot blossom if there is poison in the soil. Failure to know your role only prolongs the transitioning period and will get you dropped from the roster. Remember, no one person is bigger than the team. Eddie Kane Jr thought he was bigger than the Heartbeats, but lost his spot to flash when he didn’t act right! You do not want to be waiting for Taquee outside the bar in a catsuit trying to get your spot back! You must accept the role and flourish! Even Beyoncé was a role player at one point in her career. We knew she was the star, but she still played her role on the team and her patience was rewarded with a legendary career! Are you Beyoncé? Probably not, but you get damn sure get close if you know ya role! There can be no successful transition if you fail to accept your role and if you cannot transition you will be released. Now say it with some grit, “I don’t got a problem being a side chick!”’. Know ya role!!


"Be his escape, not his jail": Successfully Transitioning from Side Chick to Wife

This is Part one of a seven-part series aimed at helping women make the successful transition from side chick to main chick without causing the usual conflict that is associated with these situations. Follow these seven steps and in no time, you can go from hiding when yall in cars to dates at the bar!!

“Patience is a Virtue”

              Remember, It’s a marathon and not a sprint ladies! Successfully transition from being a little something of the side to the apple of his eye takes time. That is why it is essential that you exercise patience when trying to get from the backseat to passenger as the great philosopher Fabolous once stated. During this waiting/transitioning period you should be sharpening your skills in anticipation of getting that spot. You do not want to have ya number called and you are not ready to perform. So, take time to diversify your side dishes, perfect your arch, correct your lacefront closure and just add to your attributes. You must always stay ready because you are only a heart eye emoji away from being the franchise player. Take Russell Westbrook for example, it wasn’t until Durant left that he was able to become the MVP candidate he is today.  That could be you if you just show a little patience, so don’t rush, don’t fuss, and it can easily go from just “you” to “us”!! Patience is a virtue!!


Music Review x Thoughts on "Anticipation 3"- @joeybaddaa

Thought on Anticipation 3

              I am not a writer, just a guy who enjoys R&B music, Dark liquor, and voluptuous women.  Chose to write this because one of my favorite artist Trey Songz has finally got tired of taking woman from the working man and got back to his roots, which is music meant for snatch prep and plan b pills. As a fan of the anticipation series, I was expecting another project full of music that was made for nights of raw, sex, cognac, and coconut oil, but this project is not it. It appears that Trey was more focused on promoting his artist than giving the fans the music they expected. Maybe it’s just the fan in me that was expecting an “Infidelity 3” or another “Bomb”, but for some reason, Anticipation 3 just doesn’t get my pelvis moving like Anticipation 1 or 2 did.  This may not be Anticipation 1 or two, but don’t be fooled because Anticipation 3 is full of music that will have your wcw sending you an “I’m late” text a few weeks later. There may not be an “Inside Pt 2” or “ME 4 U INFIDELITY 2”, but there are a number of standout tracks that take you back to when Trey had the braids that barely went pass his ear.  Honestly, I am just glad that Trey got back to singing about love and not taking my woman! Hard to compete with a sexy flexy negro with vocals and made “Summer Wit Miami”. Overall, Anticipation 3 is solid and the voice of MikexAngel, while unnecessary in some songs, was a pleasant surprise. This is one you should definitely check out with your favorite woman and just vibe out.

Standout Tracks

1.       A3- This track sets the tape off right! Once I heard this, I knew there was a very small chance that I would be pulling out that night! Might be my favorite song off the tape.

2.       I Got Time- This is another good one! The type of music you eat the snatch to after an eight-hour workday in the warehouse!!

3.       Gonna Be- This is one where I like MikexAngels voice on the track! Takes me back to “Trey Day”

4.       Find My Love- Soon as this one came on my scrotum almost jumped out my pants! The voice of Justine Darcene was soft as silk, which makes the song so beautiful. Beat could be better, but the lyrics talk to you in a way that will make skip the probation period and give her the title!!




End of the Year Thoughts from @PhilthyPhilly6

End of the year thoughts from Philthy...
   This year has been a good one for us over here at Logical Nonsense. The website is 💪🏾, episodes are now on iTunes (so no more excuses y'all 🙄) but we do an episode every single week. Gotta keep on improving. As we are moving into the new year we want the listeners our day 1's, day 2's even our new listeners... we want you guys more involved. We want you guys to start sending us voice memos to logicalnonsense215@gmail.com .
We want your questions, topic suggestions, tell us what's pissing you off, break up with your man etc etc. Its Logical Nonsense and anything goes on here. We keep it honest like white underwear. (Gets no more honest than that. Anyway keep them under a minute. Really feel free to say and send and ask what you want. We will play all the good ones and include them in our episodes. Sending a voice memo is easy and this is a fun way to get our listeners involved in the show without physically having to be in the booth. Rappers if you send a freestyle and it's trash we clowning you. Any other show in philly try this we embarrassing yall and show shaming. With all that being said it should be a fun and entertaining year. Guide to sending the voice memos are below.

Step 1: Record a voice memo under a minute long
Step 2 : Label it with your social media information so we can shout you out on air and know who you are. If you are not from Philly, throw your town state or city in there too.
Step 3: email your voice memo (1 min or less) to logicalnonsense215@gmail.com
Step 4: listen in live or catch our episodes on SoundCloud and iTunes to hear if we play your voice memo 😀

Logical Nonsense Presents The 1st Annual Nonsense Awards (Nominees)

The crew from Logical Nonsense wanted to end the year right, so they decided to come up with the 1st annual Nonsense awards to cover all aspects of the culture. Check out the nominees below and make sure you tune in on Tuesday 12/17 @ 9pm on soundwavezradeo.com to hear all of the winners!!!! Think the guys missed something?? Well feel free to provdie your thoughts and suggestions!! Due to the high amounts of Brown Liquor and Devil's lettuce that were consumed, some of the nominees may have changed!!!

1st Annual Nonsense Awards 2016
Drake, Chance The Rapper, Kayne

Comeback of The Year
•    Remy Ma
•    Lawrence (Insecure)
•    Meek Mill
•    2chainz

People’s Champ
•    Gucci Mane
•    Kodak Black
•    21 Savage

Album of The Year
•    Life of Pablo (Kayne West)
•    Views (Drake)
•    Slauson Boy (Nipsey)

Mixtape of The Year
•    Purple Reign
•    Lil Uzi Vs The World
•    DC4
•    Kairi Chanel

Rookie of The Year
•    Dave East
•    Don Q
•    Lil Uzi Vet

Banger of The Year
•    “6am”- Smokke
•    “Uptop, Uptop”- Kur
•    “Black Beatles”- Rae Sremmurd 

Collab of The Year
•    Lock Jaw (French Montana/Kodak Black)
•    Litty (Meek Mill/Tory Lanez)
•    Bad & Boujee (Migos/Lil Uzi Vert)

Spitter of The Year
•    Don Q
•    Dave East
•    Remy Ma
•    Meek Mill

Underground MVP
•    Ranshaw
•    Albee AL
•    PNB Meen
•    Mir Fontaine

Song of The Year
•    “Ooouu”- Young M.A.
•    “Panda”- Desiigner
•    “All The Way Up”- Fat Joe & Remy Ma

2017 Early Bet
•    Manny215
•    Chedda Bandz
•    Smokke

Best Website
•    LogicalNonsense215.com
•    Tastelesstimes.com
•    Hiphopondeck.com

Best Clothing Line
•    For The Culture
•    Milano
•    Bellargo

Childhood Ruined Award
•    Beans stealing kemps
•    Pinky turning into thumb
•    Jim Jones selling waist Trainers

Gentrification Award
•    Rachel Dolezea
•    Andrew Scultz
•    YesJulz    

Best Side Chick
•    Safaree
•    DJ Self
•    Yandy

Worst Lacefront in a theatrical Production
•    Kimbella
•    Ashley (Black Ink)
•    Countess Vaughn

Grow A Pair Award
•    Juelz Santana
•    Ceaser (Black Ink)
•    Kayne

All Lives Matter
•    Lil Wayne
•    Cam Newton
•    Kayne West

IPO Award
•    Issa
•    Kandace (BBC)
•    Khloe Kardashian

Hoe’d up Award
•    Draya
•    Blac Cyna
•    Meagan Goode

Best Arch in a theatrical production
•    Tasha (Insecure)
•    Tasha (Power)
•    Lethal Lipps

Compromised Edges
•    Tamar Braxton
•    Wendy Williams
•    Stephen A. Smith

Best IG Walkaway
•    Bernice
•    Deelishis
•    Amber Rose

Worst Snatch Management
•    Issa (Insecure)
•    Keri Hilson
•    Kylie Jenner

Soul Snatcher of The Year
•    Blac Chyna
•    Kim K
•    Keisha Dior

Best Cellulite on IG
•    Cierra Rogers
•    Deelishis
•    Ms. Alottabottie

Best ConnectPal
•    Ms. AlottaBootie
•    Cherokee
•    Coco Indiez

Get Over It Bro- A PSA for Side Nigga Syndrome

            Side nigga syndrome is a little known ailment that affects thousands of men throughout the world who have made their name slanging slab to vengeful and attention starved snatch across the globe. This epidemic has been destroying relationships for decades and will continue to do so if something is not done immediately. As a retired side nigga and reformed hoe, I can tell you that side nigga syndrome is real and making the transition from community slab to monogamous slab can be difficult, but it is possible. Just because you are used to hiding in closets in nothing but some foams and a dad hat does not mean you have to take it out on your future relationships. If you are not careful, side nigga syndrome will have you eating bbw ass off two shots of Henny just off the thought of ya woman doing the things you did with women in relationships with some dusty Negro in questionable Jesus chains. It’s hard, but this is something you have to learn to let go. Sometimes when she say she’s going to the store, she is going to the store! Don’t be the guy timing her trips, telling her that she is a minute and 36 seconds late like she can properly suck a dick in that time, when you know she take at least 5 minutes to gain proper neck sturdiness! Eventually, she is gonna get tired of the bitching and leave you. Now you back to an air mattress in ya aunt basement that you have to share with ya Uncle Nate, who fresh from rehab. At some point in life, you are going to have get over it bro and stop being afraid to be played or side nigga syndrome will follow you in every efficiency you live in.