Logical Nonsense

"Keeping it honest like white underwear "Tuesdays @ 9pm on soundwavezradeo.com

Keeping it honest like white underwear every Tuesday @ 9pm on soundwavezrdaeo.com, Logical Nonsense is the show about everything and absolute nothing, providing you with with interviews and exclusive content from some of the hottest up and coming artist, entertainers, and entrepreneurs out there. So check out the website for the latest episodes and a ton of dope content from some great artist and entertainers.

Welcome to logical nonsense, "The show about everything and absolutely nothing", where we keep it honest like a white pair of underwear.  Every episode, Hosts,  @joeybaddaa, @philthyphilly6 & their DJ, cheddabandz aka @trappinbeatz give you their unique and entertaining views on a variety of subjects with a special guest.  Tune in live @ 9pm on soundwaves.radeo.com for your weekly dose of logical nonsense.


Meet THE Team

  • Joeybaddaa- It's ya boy @joeybaddaa aka Sleaze Harvey aka Barack Nocommas. One of the host of the logical nonsense radio show and a Philadelphia native.  I'm Philly like tastykakes and cheesesteaks. A connoisseur of all fine things, including sports, music, and libations. Here to provide you with an entertaining, informative, and quality show, so tune into "The show about everything and absolutely nothing" and enjoy yourself. Follow me on social media and get to know ya boy even better. (Twitter: @joeybaddaa, IG & snapchat: @joeybadda)

Philthyphilly6- What up, it's Mil aka @Philthyphilly6 aka one of the hosts of the radio show Logical Nonsense. Born in and raised in the city of Philadelphia! Sports and music lover and a fan of all things fun. I'm here to let the world hear our voice, our lingo and our way of doing things. Follow me on snapchat, twitter and ig: @philthyphilly6 and get an even closer lookin into my life, my likes and my folks!


  • Cheddabandz- My name is Chedda Bandz aka @Trappinbeatz Chedda. I am an artist /producer/ Dj, from New Jersey, but I reside in North Philadelphia . DJ for Logical Nonsense radio show, and have also worked at a variety of venues throughout Philly. I've been producing for a little over a year now and I've gotten a chance to work with some of the hottest up and coming artists in the city. My goal as a producer and artist, is to create a sound and music people will and enjoy. "We don't trap in the streets, we are Trappin Beatz."